Doug in East Boothbay

Jay with Michael Schenker

About Jay and Doug

      Jay and Doug have deep roots in the Boothbay region. Both enjoyed their summers working in the Cabbage Island Clambake business with their father and uncle for many years.

      Because of their love of the area and the community of folks they came to know, the Moore Music Legacy will focus in Lincoln County, radiating outward as MML grows.

      Jay and Doug Moore grew up in a family who loved and expressed music. They were surrounded by piano, organ, guitar and song. Their paternal grandfather had a great gift of playing piano and organ by ear, being in demand by friends and family and often playing for hours. Their maternal grandmother was frequently found singing and dancing about the kitchen as she prepared a meal for the family, often grabbing the nearest child to serve as a partner. In music, both boys found their anchor and were grounded by it from childhood to adulthood.